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Séminaire Laurent Schwartz — EDP et applications

Year 2016-2017

Jacques Smulevici
Vector field methods for kinetic equations with applications to classical and relativistic systems
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 3, 10 p. Details
Quentin Mérigot
Discretization of Euler’s equations using optimal transport: Cauchy and boundary value problems
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 4, 12 p. Details
Iván Moyano
Contrôlabilité de quelques équations cinétiques collisionnelles et non collisionnelles : Fokker-Planck et Vlasov-Navier-Stokes
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 5, 22 p. Details
Frank Merle; Hatem Zaag
Solution to the semilinear wave equation with a pyramid-shaped blow-up surface
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 6, 13 p. Details
Josselin Garnier
High-order statistics for the random paraxial wave equation
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 9, 14 p. Details
Nathalie Ayi
Stochastic discrete velocity averaging lemmas and Rosseland approximation
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 10, 10 p. Details
Laurence Halpern; Jeffrey Rauch
Strictly dissipative boundary value problems at trihedral corners
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 11, 10 p. Details
Paul Laurain
Analyse des problèmes conformément invariants
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 12, 26 p. Details
Patrick Gérard; Herbert Koch
The cubic Szegő flow at low regularity
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 14, 14 p. Details
Matthieu Hillairet
On the homogenization of the Stokes equations in perforated domains with application to fluid/solid interaction problems
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 15, 15 p. Details
Frédéric Marbach
Obstructions quadratiques à la contrôlabilité, de la dimension finie à la dimension infinie
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 16, 11 p. Details
Vahagn Nersesyan
Large deviations results for the stochastic Navier–Stokes equations
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 17, 10 p. Details
Michał Kowalczyk; Yvan Martel; Claudio Muñoz
On asymptotic stability of nonlinear waves
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 18, 27 p. Details
Martin Vogel
Spectral statistics of non-selfadjoint operators subject to small random perturbations
(2016-2017), Exp. No. 19, 24 p. Details

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